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  Name Description/Notes   Date
ppt University of Toronto panel with the Globe's Jeffrey Simpson 7-Feb-13
other Comments on CIHI NHEX 2012 data release 30-Oct-12
doc Canadians are ready for an adult conversation on Medicare Originally published on Sunday October 14, 2012. Revised November 29, 2012 with 2012 data from the Canadian Institute of Health Information 14-Oct-12
doc Canadians are ready for an adult conversation on Medicare Toronto Star Op Ed revised with new cost data 14-Oct-12
doc Commentary on US Supreme Court "ObamaCare" decision 28-Jun-12
ppt Dollars and Sense Dollars and Sense: Medicare is Sustainable if we do our work differently.

Presentation to Quebec Medical Association
doc Michael Rachlis statement to Toronto Hall media Regarding proposed Toronto budget cuts 8-Jan-12
other Innovative Solutions for Optimum Health Care Delivery My presentation to the Ontario Economic summit which includes graphs from the latest Canadian Institute for Information health cost release. 22-Nov-11
doc The health-care sky is not falling ! Toronto Star Op ed debunking some current myths about medicare's unsustainability. 11-Nov-11
doc Medicare has a very good month Toronto Star op-ed 9-Nov-10
other Medicare is as sustainable as we want it to be 2010 Canadian and Ontario spending data 5-Nov-10
other Demographics, aging and financial sustainability Presentation to CHSRF aging and health care meeting in Toronto 4-Nov-10
other The Sustainability of Medicare Co-authored with Hugh Mackenzie 4-Aug-10
doc Canada playing in wrong health league html 4-Jul-10
doc Public Health and Primary Health Care Collaboration A Paper Prepared for the Public Health Agency of Canada html 2-Nov-09
doc A Canadian Doctor diagnoses US Health Care My Op Ed from the Los Angeles Times August 3, 2009. it was the most viewed item at the LA Times website for over a week. Unfortunately evidence from Canada or anywhere else had no impact on the US debate. 3-Aug-09
ppt Progressive Democrats of America A presentation to Progressive Democrats of America in a teleconfernce. html 16-Jun-09
doc Forget the Tim Bits and Bytes: Letís not lose track of the big picture at eHealth Ontario html 11-Jun-09
ppt Public Sector solutions to Health Care Queues Presentation to the New Brunswick Ministry of Health and Social Services on May 5, 2009 html 5-May-09
doc For-profit won't heal health care As run in the Toronto Star April 16, 2009 html 16-Apr-09
doc Toronto Star op-ed on Poverty and Health This op-ed summarizes the five-part Ontario Medical Review series on poverty and health. html 5-Aug-08
pdf Ontario Medical Review Series on Poverty and Health 2008 Five part series published in the monthly journal of the Ontario Medical Association in May and June 2008. This series was written by seven physicians (inlcuding myself) who have come together as the Ontario Physicians Poverty Working Group. 15-May-08
ppt "Sustaining Medicare" to a public meeting at St. Thomas University, Fredericton, NB html 13-May-08
pdf Wellesley Institute Backgrounder on Health Equity Backgrounder for Wellesley Institute consultations on health equity 5-Dec-07
pdf The Second Stage of Medicare Completing the Vision: Achieving the Second Stage of Medicare. From "Medicare: Facts, Myths, Problems, Promise". Edited by Greg Marchildon and Bruce Campbell. Published by James Lorimer and Company Ltd. Toronto 2007. html 15-Nov-07
pdf Wellesley Institute Public vs. Private Health Care Analysis of public and private finance and health care delivery 28-Sep-07
pdf BC Centre for Policy Alternatives Public Sector Solutions to Health Care Wait Lists There are many public-sector solutions to Canada's wait list problems. This report for the BC Centre for Policy Alternatives highlights public-sector alternatives for that province. 7-May-07
pdf Public Solutions to Health Care Waitlists Published by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Also available from www.policyalternatives.ca. 15-Dec-05
pdf Prescription for Excellence The entire book. 11-Oct-05
doc Cue some fresh thinking about health-care queues Published in the Winnipeg Free Press html 2-Dec-04
doc A discussion paper on LHINs (revised) Commissioned by the Southeast Toronto Project html 29-Nov-04
doc The Good the Bad and the Ugly Published in the Winnipeg Free Press html 19-Sep-04
doc Could Hollywood write a happy ending to the Medicare Sequel? Published in the Winnipeg Free Press html 12-Sep-04
doc The Premiersí Annual Theatrical Performance: Consensus Masks Confusion Published in the Sunday August 5th Winnipeg Free Press. html 5-Aug-04
doc A Reality Check on Health Promises An analysis of the three main national partiesí election platforms as published in the Sunday June 13th Winnipeg Free Press html 13-Jun-04
doc Medicare Made Easy Published in the April 26th Globe and Mail html 26-Apr-04
other Innovation Can Save Medicare Published by the Winnipeg Free Press 4-Mar-04
doc Double, Double, the National Health Council is a Lot of Trouble Winnipeg Free Press, 24 July, 2003 html 24-Jul-03
doc The Prime Minister and the Premiers, Round Deux Published by the Winnipeg Free Press, February 4, 2003. html 4-Feb-03
pdf Federal Role in Health Policy Feb 2003 Published by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. Also available at www.caledoninst.org. 4-Feb-03
doc The Romanow Commission: Cautious Steps in the Right Direction Published by the Winnipeg Free Press, Sunday December 1, 2002 html 1-Dec-02
doc The Cupboard Isn't Bare The Federal Government has lots of room to meet the priorities of Canadians. html 5-Nov-02
doc Beam Me Up Tony: MRI Scans and Scams Originally published Toronto Star July 18, 2002. Revised Sept 6, 2002. html 18-Jul-02
rtf Revitalizing Medicare: Shared Problems, Public Solutions Rachlis MM, Evans RG, Lewis P, Barer M.
Published by the Tommy Douglas Research Institute. January 2001.
doc The Hidden Costs of Privatization: An International Comparison of Community Care A report written for the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. BC Office. September 25, 2000 25-Sep-00
doc Analysis of the Alberta Private Hospital Issue Published by the Caledon Institute of Social Policy In March 2000 5-Mar-00
rtf Population Health and Intersectoral Action A Paper Prepared for a workshop on Intersectoral Action and Health: sponsored by Health Canada (Alberta and NWT) in partnership with Alberta Health and Alberta Community Development 26-Mar-99
doc Civic Lessons: Strategies For Increasing Consumer Involvement In Health Policy Development By Carol Kushner and Michael Rachlis, MD for The Evidence Based Decision-Making Working Group of the National Forum on Health 22-Nov-96
doc Defining Basic Services and De-insurance: The Wrong Diagnosis and the Wrong Prescription Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal May 1, 1995 1-May-95

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